Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tomorrow is the Superbowl!

Tomorrow is the Superbowl and I couldn't be more excited. My beloved Saints are playing the biggest game in Saints history! My friend Mark Brunell might get a Superbowl ring should we win! I'm praying we win. I am nervous and excited at the same time. We are the under dogs so we aren't supposed to win, but I think we have a chance. I think we will have to play a mistake free game, if we turn the ball over or mess up on big plays I think we might get ourselves beat. If we play a very tight, very good, mistake free game though we might be able to win! You better believe me when I say that if we win, I will ball my eyes out from pure joy, then I will celebrate like there's no tomorrow babay!!!
So, as the chant goes, who dat! who dat! who dat say they gonna beat them Saints! Who dat! Who dat! Who dat say they gonna beat them Saints!
Go Saints and lets hope they win so my friend can get a ring! :D

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