Thursday, January 21, 2010

my lunch minute

So even though I'm posting this at like 2:00 in the afternoon, this is the blog I wrote at lunch today, I will try and blog everyday while eating lunch.
So here goes. :)

Do you have any idea how much I absolutely hate the cafe? I hate it!!! It's horrible. The food is ok, I eat by myself, and it's hard to get somebody to help me navigate the mess that we fondly call the cafe. Sometimes it's embarrassing, but whatever.

I was watchin tv the other day and they were talking about the Haitian orphans. I love Haiti, I wanna be a missionary and work there someday among other things. It was really sad because the tv said that there are 400000 Hatian orphans and that was before the earthquake. Now there might be 100000 jor more orphans in Haiti bringing the total to past half a million. That's enormous! They especially talked about orphans with disabilities, specifically a blind girl. She wasn't being adopted like a lot of other kids in her orphanage because nobody wants her, people don't know what to do with a blind person I guess and I really don't blame them. It can be kind of confusing, what to do, if you don't know. She isn't going anywhere, this blind girl, she doesn't have a future in Haiti and her only chance for a good life is to go to America. The only way she can go to America is if somebody wants to adopt, or help, her. You know, I wish I could do something to help. Even though I am not qualified to help the Haitian orphans, I'm not a home builder, I don't have the connections necessary to help immediately, I can do something. Most people can do something. Think about it, we in America have food, water, medical care and more money than most Haitians will ever see in a life time. Just because of that, we have more resources available to us than most Haitians will ever have, and we can use them to help somehow. Now I just have to figure out how I can help. :)

On another note, I'm watching tornado chasing and it's quite interesting. I think tornadoes are fascinating and if I could I would go tornado chasing. That's just a random thought from me, or as my blog says, a piece of my mind.

Have a nice day, I might post later, but if I don't then see you later.
Blessings! :D

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Today in my life

Ok. So my day started at 7:38 this morning. My alarm was supposed to go off at 7:20, bc that's what my dad set it as on my clock radio which I can't manage bc it can't talk but whatever, it went off at 7:35. I hardly had time for a shower so I did my best to take like a 5 minute shower. Then I got ready and went in search of my first class of the day, French at 9:00. It ewasn't where they told me it would be so I kinda panicked. I was like "what the heck am I sposed to do now?" I found out that my section didn't make and so they are either gonna move a few ppl to the 9:00 section from the 10:00 one or they are gonna move us to 10:00 sections. So it's all good. :) After that I tried to kill an hour and a half with my iPod. Thank God for iPods, I think I'd die without mine. lol :) Then I had history at 11:00. I was supposed to meet up with a friend who had my class but I never saw her, so I went on to class and my prof's real cool. Then I went to the cafe to eat and wrote my blog, then I took a nap and haven't gooten on my computer to post it til now. I think I'll do some knitting this evening, kinda bored. llol at least knitting I can make stuff. :)
See y'all later, blessings!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

introducing myself. :)

Hi. My name is Laurel. I'm a college student in the second semester of my freshmen year. I'm visually impaired and living in the dorms. College can be quite an adventure so that's why I decided to start this blog. I'll write about my life, my thoughts and observations I make. I'll post at least once a day, at lunch.
College is pretty cool. I'm a French and Russian major, I love languages! I want to be a translator and interpreter someday and work as a missionary. I have a love for languages and other cultures and people groups. Other things I enjoy include football, music, spending time with my friends, watching TV, reading, watching movies, history and spending time with my family.
That's it for now, feel free to comment anytime, and I'll keep up the posts. :)