Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Today in my life

Ok. So my day started at 7:38 this morning. My alarm was supposed to go off at 7:20, bc that's what my dad set it as on my clock radio which I can't manage bc it can't talk but whatever, it went off at 7:35. I hardly had time for a shower so I did my best to take like a 5 minute shower. Then I got ready and went in search of my first class of the day, French at 9:00. It ewasn't where they told me it would be so I kinda panicked. I was like "what the heck am I sposed to do now?" I found out that my section didn't make and so they are either gonna move a few ppl to the 9:00 section from the 10:00 one or they are gonna move us to 10:00 sections. So it's all good. :) After that I tried to kill an hour and a half with my iPod. Thank God for iPods, I think I'd die without mine. lol :) Then I had history at 11:00. I was supposed to meet up with a friend who had my class but I never saw her, so I went on to class and my prof's real cool. Then I went to the cafe to eat and wrote my blog, then I took a nap and haven't gooten on my computer to post it til now. I think I'll do some knitting this evening, kinda bored. llol at least knitting I can make stuff. :)
See y'all later, blessings!

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