Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Saints are Champions!

My beloved New Orleans Saints have won the Superbowl!!! It was a beautiful thing! I can't believe this. I have had the perfect football year! My Alabama Crimson Tide won the college championship and now my Saints won the pro championship! My friend Mark Brunell also has a Superbowl ring! That makes me really happy. :) I'm going to listen to the Superbowl parade in New Orleans in an hour. You can get it on wwl the big 870 A.M. in New Orleans. :)

I am also excited because it was the Colts who we beat. I have no love whatsoever for the colts. They are my division rivals, because I like the Jaguars. So I was very happy to watch them lose!

The feeling of victory is indescribable!

Ok, aside from the Superbowl it is another normal week here. It's pretty cold, but at least there's some sunshine! I thought ESL last night at Grace Community and that was fun. I enjoy teaching, and learning, language. It's one of my hobbies! I also talked to my good friend Katie who is living in Hungary as a missionarty for 6 months! She's having fun ovherthere and doing well which makes me happy. I am excited about her living over in Hungary, it's going to be interesting and fun to hear about! :)

Well I'm gonna go for now and do some other stuff on my to do list for the day. I hope you guys have an awesome day!

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