Sunday, May 23, 2010

Guide Dog school, day 1

I know a lot has happened sense I wrote last. The main thing is that I finished my first year at college, and I prepared for my trip to GDB. Today was the big day, May 23, I left for guide dog school today. I woke up at 6:00 to get to DFW Airport by 7:30. My flight was Alaskan Airlines operated by American and it was supposed to leave at 9:35 this morning. I checked in and everything went fine. My parents were thankfully able to go behind security with me and help me find my gate, 27C, and that was a blessing. I think my mom was extremely nervous this morning, it’s only natural that she should be nervous about her child going half way across the country alone for the first time. I really don’t blame her, I would probably have been nervous too. I wasn’t too nervous, I think I was just ready to get this show on the road so to speak. I got a Starbucks tea and relaxed while we waited for the flight. I finally boarded the plane around 9:00. I boarded first and had assistance getting on the plane which was nice. The American Airlines employees did a great job assisting me and I really appreciate it. My flight was a full flight today, not a seat left anywhere. We were delayed for about an hour and 15 minutes because one of the engines on the plane wouldn’t start up. We had to go to the garage of the airport and get the matenance guys look at it. We didn’t have to deplane thank God. They finally fixed the problem and we took off around 10:45 local time. The plane ride itself was pretty uneventful. I just listened to my iPod and slept for most of it. I was hungry once and wanted a snack but they wouldn’t take cash so I decided to just forget it. I figured I could sleep most of the 4 hours off and wait until lunch. I slept maybe half the flight away. I was incredibly hungry when we landed because even though it was only 12:15 Oregon time my body was saying that it was 2:15. A wonderful lady named Loraine (sorry if I’m misspelling that name) picked me up from the airport. The AA employee who assisted me from the plane to baggage clame was named Lillie and was from Ukraine! We spoke some Russian, more than a little bit it actual was a good amount of Russian, and it made my day!
The ride to campus took about 20 or so minutes. When I arrived some of my class mates were there and I got to meet them at lunch. We had sandwiches and tbrownies for dessert. They were wonderful! My class mates are interesting, I am the youngest in class by at least 20 years which I think is pretty neat. I can tell already this is going to be a good class. 
This afternoon I unpacked and got an hour nap. We ate spaghetti for dinner and again it was wonderful. After dinner I was issued my dog’s leash and food pouch and showed the different kinds of collars they have. I also was showed how to put a harness on a dog briefly. We’ll work on that more later. I will meat my dog tomorrow afternoon and I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t nervous and excited about it. I think I’m just nervous excited. I just want to know who my dog is and what he/she is like. 
I’m staying in a nice room, I have a privat room. It’s like a little apartment sort of. I have a nice bed, a great desk, my own bathroom and a patio area. It’s great!
I’m sorry this post is a little scatter brained, but I’m just thinking spontaneously now and have a lot on my mind.  I wrote this now as opposed to later because I wanted to capture the feelings and emotions I experienced today as fresh as possible. I guess I just want the memories to be fresh when I write. Anyway, I’m done for today but I’ll write another post for tomorrow. And again, I’m sorry for being a little scatter brained. 
Have a blessed day!


  1. I want to wish you the best ... excited to follow your journey.